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For Admission, we follow some steps to ensure the child gets into the perfect level of our courses for their betterment. First, we provide a free demo class to the student to measure his/her level. During the demo class, our instructors take assessments on 4 skills of English to know his depth of English Language skills. And lastly, The instructor provides feedback to their parents to ensure the perfect level of selection for our Language Courses for the student.


How to Apply

We have a few steps to get enrolled in English Matters. You can directly apply through our website. you must go or can click on the  contact and provide all the information in the contact section. Once you submit your contact details, Our Support Executive will contact you for further processing. Another way you can apply is to contact us via Facebook. Just click on the Facebook Icon on the website and inbox us all the contact details (Student Name, Age & Contact Number). Our Moderator will assist you in further processing.


You can call us on our number in the contact section for details and Queries.


We have different levels, so we have different pricing for the Courses. To check the tuition fees for each level, please click on tuition & fees.

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